Scenic Beauty


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McGregor Bay Lodge


 Scenic Beauty

Explore miles of sheltered waterways in canoes, kayaks or motor boats available for rent from the lodge, or bring your own watercraft. 





Enjoy the natural scenic beauty of an area with prominent exposures of the Pre-Cambrian shield, a geological phenomenon that continues to attract countless photographers and rock enthusiasts from all over the world.



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scenicSunset1.jpg (57165 bytes) scenicSunsetAB.jpg (56934 bytes) scenicSunsetSky01.jpg (127621 bytes)
scenicVividSunset.JPG (94610 bytes) scenicSunsetSky02.jpg (147638 bytes) scenicMaySunrise.jpg (10238 bytes)
scenicMorningMist.JPG (112810 bytes) scenicMoon over Lake Huron.jpg (64928 bytes) scenicEveningShot.JPG (101958 bytes)
scenicMistySunrise.JPG (98372 bytes) scenicAnotherSunset.JPG (101748 bytes) NPS_northernlights3.jpg (3784 bytes)




scenicRainbow.jpg (73962 bytes) scenicRockyLake.jpg (98646 bytes) scenicTopazLake.jpg (84718 bytes)
scenicviewmcgregor.jpg (81533 bytes) scenicviewpathfinder.jpg (92894 bytes) hikehiwab.jpg (106892 bytes)
scenicviewRock.jpg (102119 bytes) HikingFrisbee.JPG (128257 bytes) scenicview from house.jpg (89121 bytes)
scenicNeedleIce02.jpg (36694 bytes) scenicview of bay from house 2.jpg (135439 bytes) scenicviewwardrope.jpg (83694 bytes)





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